You have been tasked with finding new sources for non-metallic components – where to go?

There is always a web search, but that will only get you a list prioritized by how well each company can work the search algorithm.

  • Are they qualified to produce my parts?
  • Can they answer my questions?
  • Will they offer me alternative materials and help me make the right choices for MY company, not theirs?

Look no further – we can help!

Having offered custom non-metallic solutions in a wide range of industries for well over 100 years, WS Hampshire knows how to evaluate your application to determine the most appropriate composite material as well as what design considerations must be evaluated.

There are often times multiple ways to make a given part, largely depending on volume, desired performance, and cost. Expertise in this area can save you money and a lot of headaches! Raw material selection is key to performance in the application and some parts can be made from sheet or tube while others can be made from a casting or extrusion. Knowing howwhen, and why to use a specific material can make a world of difference in what your part costs and how well it performs.

With these and other sourcing considerations – the experts at WS Hampshire can walk you through how to obtain your composite parts in the most cost-effective manner.


For example : A beverage OEM was buying a “U-Channel”, made in virgin UHMW. His previous source machined the part from plate, which was costly in two ways (additional material and additional machining).  The finished channel had a rough machined pattern on the inside surfaces which caused drag as bottles slid within the channel. An extruded version offered by WS Hampshire, requiring only slight secondary machining for the attachment holes. Even after amortizing the relatively inexpensive tool, the OEM saved over 30% per foot with a smooth finish and lengths longer than 10 ft were now available – a high ROI with a superior product!



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