Custom Bearing, Bushing, & Wear Solutions

Why non-metallics?
Are you looking to reduce weight? Eliminate corrosion? Improve wear performance in unlubricated conditions? Reduce noise? Reduce vibration? Increase part life? Does your application require insulating capabilities that metal cannot meet?

Here’s what we do and can do for you –
Perhaps you are designing a new application or replacing an item that was originally designed in the 1940’s or 50’s (think about how old some steel or paper mills are), chances are there is a custom need you have that a stock catalog may not be able to meet.

WS Hampshire can manufacture to your requirements, whether a specific drawing, interpreting an assembly drawing, or even reverse engineer an existing part or part pulled from service.

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    WS Hampshire, Inc. operates state of the art, high speed, precision CNC fabricating machines.

    • CNC Machining, Milling, Drilling, & Routing
    • CNC Sawing
    • CNC Lathe Turning
    • Tubes to 50″ diameter
    • Plates to 6″ thick

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    Plastic Forming

    WS Hampshire specializes in vacuum forming and thermo forming in a variety of thermoplastics. Molded bench trays and growing trays for greenhouse and indoor growing facilities. Additional services such as mold design, silk-screening, and custom assembly are also available.

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    Flexible Paper & Film Fabrication

    WS Hampshire fabricates a wide range of flexible insulation from all of the major suppliers.

    • Rotary Dies & Presses
    • Roll Formers- Part Forming
    • Steel Rule Die Stamping
    • Punch Press Operations
    • Slitting/Sheering/Sheeting
    • Cuffing & Wedge Forming

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