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    Polyester Film Sheet & Roll

    Mylar® EL polyester films are strong, tough, general -purpose films for electrical/electronic uses. Mylar® EL films offer chemical inertness, good dielectrics, high temperature durability, and good handling characteristics.

    • Available in grades from clear to hazy
    • Standard from 36″” wide rolls to 54″” widths
    • Typical thicknesses are 2-3-4-5 mil
    • Fabricated parts to include slit roll, sheets & die cut parts

    DuPont™ Mylar® MO polyester film has excellent electrical properties, mechanical and thermal properties along with low shrinkage, and moisture absorption. Mylar® MO film is used as insulation in systems that have been given Class B ratings by UL.

    • Standard from 36″” wide rolls to 54″” widths
    • Typical thicknesses are 5-7 1/2-10-14 mil
    • Fabricated parts to include slit roll, sheets & die cut parts


    DMD 100 and DMD 180 Electrical Insulation Paper Sheet & Roll

    DMD is a Dacron Mylar Dacron laminate that creates an electrical grade polyester. This tough, highly formable insulation material provides excellent temperature endurance, high mechanical properties and electrical strength.

    DMD 70 is uncoated.

    DMD100 is coated and operates to 155C.

    DMD180 is UL system recognized as rated to 180C.

    • Standard rolls are 36″ wide
    • 2 ply and 3 ply constructions available


    Nomex® Sheet & Roll

    DuPont™ NOMEX® laminates are made of an aramid, synthetic material laminated to a polyester film that creates a high performance insulation material with excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical properties

    • Available in 2 ply & 3 ply combinations
    • Standard rolls to 36″ widths
    • Fabricated parts to include slit roll, sheets & die cut parts

    DuPont™ Type410 NOMEX® is a calendared insulation paper offering high dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, and heat resistance. NOMEX® Type410 is the original NOMEX® paper, and is widely used in a variety of electrical insulation applications requiring the highest performance.

    • Most common thicknesses are 3-5-7-10-20-30 mils
    • Available in standard rolls to 36″ widths

    DuPont™ Type 418 NOMEX® is designed for high-voltage applications such as motor, generators, and transformers. This product is a calendered blend of aramid and mica and can be impregnated with varnish if applicable. This grade provides increased voltage endurance over NOMEX® Type 410.

    • Available in 5 thicknesses between 3 & 14 mil


    GPO Glass Mat Polyester

    GPO 1, 2 & 3 are made by combining random-laid glass fibers saturated with polyester resin and combined with suitable fillers. Choose from three polyester glass-mat-sheet laminate grades GPO-1, GPO-2, and GPO-3. Both GPO-1 and 2 and UL recognized.

    • GPO-1 laminates are suitable for general purpose applications
    • GPO-2 laminates are for applications where flame resistance is required
    • GPO-3 laminates are used where resistance to carbon tracking and flame resistance are required

    Typical Applications

    • Transformer support wedges
    • Terminal blocks
    • Arc barriers
    • Arc chutes
    • Switch plates
    • Transit Industry


    Mica is a naturally occurring mineral and is commonly used in thermal and electrical insulation applications as it is an ideal alternative to Asbestos. Typically supplied as Muscovite Mica or Phlogopite Mica depending on properties desired for the application.

    • High dielectric strength
    • Low heat conductivity
    • Can be used in high voltage applications
    • Easily machined to tight tolerances
    • Available in sheet or tube


    Kraft Paper Sheet & Roll

    Kraft Paper consists of virgin wood pulp. There are no adhesives or chemical additives making Kraft Paper ideal for electrical applications.

    Kraft Laminates have good temperature capabilities with improved dielectric strength, and very good mechanical properties as a result of the polyester film laminates. The laminate provides excellent cut-through resistance, good stiffness with improved resistance to tearing.

    • Available in 2 & 3 ply constructions and standard thicknesses.


    Cequin Sheets and Rolls


    3M™ CeQUIN I and II Inorganic Insulating Papers have high inorganic content and are comprised of glass fibers, microfibers, and inorganic fillers with less than 10% organic binder content. It performs to temperature up to 250 ºC while UL systems recognized to Class 220(R) and CSA Component approved. CeQUIN possess excellent thermal conductivity, good varnish absorption, good retained dielectric and low moisture absorption.

    CeQUIN I Thicknesses: ranges from 5 mils to 30 mils

    CeQUIN II Thicknesses: range from 30 mil to 60 mil

    CeQUINlaminates available in standard constructions

    • Available in standard rolls of 36″ wide
    • Custom fabrication services available from WS Hampshire


    COPACO Rag Paper

    COPACO electrical insulating papers are produced from high-grade new denim cuttings providing excellent aging properties. This paper has high tensile, tear, burst and dielectric properties. It possesses a smooth surface that improves insertion into slot cells, and provides good abrasion resistance.

    • Available in 2 & 3 ply constructions.
    • Standard thicknesses are 3-5-7-10-15-30 mils


    Tufquin™ Sheets and Rolls

    TufQUIN™ 110 Hybrid Insulating Paper is a flexible, conformable paper which has physical toughness in the form of high tensile strength and excellent tear resistance. TufQUIN™ 110 paper offers good dielectric characteristics and thermal conductivity in conjunction with high temperature performance.

    3M TufQUIN™ 120 Hybrid Insulating Paper is generically the same as TufQUIN™ 110 paper, with the exception that TufQUIN™ 120 paper is created through a modified manufacturing process that yields thicker constructions while maintaining conformability.

    Available as

    • Standard rolls are 36″ wide
    • Standard thicknesses available
    • Fabricated parts to include slit roll, sheets & die cut parts.