TIMCOLITE® composite outrigger pads offer lightweight, strong and proven support for your rig.  Our outrigger pads will not warp, splinter and crack like wood or corrode like steel and are guaranteed to never break under normal usage.

TIMCOLITE® Outrigger Pads are used by small, family owned businesses and large OEM’s for cranes, concrete pumpers, utility trucks, aerial firetrucks, forestry equipment, digger derricks, wreckers and other lifting equipment.

All of our Outrigger Pads can be customized for size, surface finish, machined recess, logo/engraving depending on your needs.



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    TIMCOLITE® outrigger pads at a glance:
    Benefits: Lightweight, Strong, Resilient, Cost-Efficient
    outrigger pads…

    • Are 1/7th the weight of steel outrigger pads and 1/4th the weight of aluminum outrigger pads.
    • Have rope handles covered with 1” tubing making them comfortable and easy to handle by one person.
    • Can handle high compressive loads (A 24” x 24” x 1.5” plate can carry 62,000 tons of load).
    • Do not conduct electricity.
    • Have no pilferage value.
    • Are competitively priced.

    • Are guaranteed for life.
    • Are resistant to warping, weakening, breakage, splintering or cracking under normal conditions for the life of the product.
    • Prevent “bird baths” on pavement and soft surfaces.
    • Will not corrode.
    • Are resistant to the elements.
    • Do not absorb water.


    Cribbing platesWS Hampshire, located outside of Chicago, IL, is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of composite outrigger pads for cranes, concrete paving equipment, fire trucks, utility trucks, and drilling equipment.  For over 100 years, we’ve combined our highly skilled workforce- comprised of expert machinists, logistics specialists and technical service specialists- with modern technology to produce engineered components that offer exceptional wear resistance and longer part life.

    Our engineered plastic crane mats and stabilizer pads offer lightweight, strong and proven support for your rig.  TIMCOLITE® outrigger pads will not warp like wood or corrode like steel and are guaranteed for life!

    We stock a broad range of round and square outrigger pads and have the capability to supply custom pads up to 6’ x 10’ and 6” thick!


    The Ws Hampshire Guarantee

    If you ever break a TIMCOLITE® outrigger pad under normal conditions, WS Hampshire will replace it free of charge.


    GuaranteeWS Hampshire’s specially designed rope handles can withstand up to 2,000 pounds of pulling force– four times as strong as the industry standard- and are sheathed in 1” plastic tubing for a comfortable grip. Our round cribbing plates can be easily rolled on edge and stacked completely flat thanks to our innovative handle design.

    Customize Your Timcolite® Outrigger Pads- Logos, Size/Shape, Surface Finish


    • Protect your investment by adding your company’s logo to your TIMCOLITE® outrigger pads. We can custom engrave logos, phone numbers, part numbers, etc. that will allow you to promote your business and keep track of your pads. This is especially handy when multiple crews are working a job site and pads tend to get “lost”!
    • We keep an inventory of commonly used sizes, but there is often an occasion for nontraditional sizes or shapes. We are fully capable of providing TIMCOLITE® outrigger pads in sizes up to 6’ x 10’ and up to 6” thick! Or, maybe you work heavily on uneven ground and need to build up under one side of a pad to ensure a safe and proper outrigger placement. Let us know your need and we will help create a solution!
    • A machined recess is available to prevent slippage of your outrigger float and promote proper placement.
    • Need more grip from your outrigger pads? WS Hampshire now offers the option to choose your surface finish. We can provide the same smooth surface that you have become accustomed to over the years or a roughed surface that offers more grip and additional safety for your crew.


    General Notes & Specifications

    • Timcolite Outrigger Pads are guaranteed for life from breakage under normal and recommended conditions.
    • Most sizes are available from stock, please call for current availability.
      Custom sizes available. Please call for details.
    • We recommend the pad size be a minimum of 3 times the area of the actual outrigger foot (in square inches).
    • The ratings listed assume a straight-down 90-degree outrigger system, on dry, firm ground, properly centered and without large obstacles or voids beneath each pad.
    • “A” frame 45-degree outrigger systems should use 50% of the stated load values as the working limit assuming dry, firm ground, properly centered and without large obstacles or voids beneath each pad.
    • Soft ground or muddy conditions reduce the load-carrying capability of the pads by a significant margin; a reduction in rating of as much as 75% (per square inch) should be used as load rating under such conditions’ larger / thicker pads also help offset these conditions.
    • WSH standard terms & conditions apply.
    • Timcolite is a registered trademark of WS Hampshire, Inc.

    “The information contained in this brochure is based on published data and is believed to be reliable. However, it is up to the user to determine the suitability of TIMCOLITE®outrigger pads for any particular application/location.”

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