Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

We are proud to be the premier supplier of Timco Technical Plastic components to the manufacturers of oil & gas exploration equipment. Plastics have proven themselves as ideal for many highly demanding applications found in the off-shore industry. Our fabricated sheaves and other wear and structural components offer many benefits to the off-shore industry including reduced downtime and cost. Our products can reduce component weight, eliminate lubrication requirements and they also resist saltwater and other chemical attacks.  Other materials offered can also offer performance to temperatures of up to 500° F. Innovative solutions like replaceable cable-saving grooves for large sheaves are routinely provided by our team. Our sales engineers will work with you to identify the application conditions as well as design and load requirements of your part in order to help to select the correct material so that parts function in your off-shore application.

Our Parts Offer:

  • Performance in Harsh Environments Including Sea Water
  • Elimination of Corrosion
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Long Part Life
  • Reduced Part Weight for Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs for Equipment
  • Lower Cost in Use
  • Ability to Run Unlubricated
  • Reduced Noise
  • Reduced Wear on Mating Parts
  • Fast Turnaround Time


Parts Timco Supplies: