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    One of our major customers – A global electrical lighting OEM, had a problem. It seems the heat being generated in a particular lighting application was transferring into their ballast through the metal housing and damaging the printed circuit board.

    A redesign of the PCB and production would be quite lengthy and expensive – both factors the engineering team did not relish dealing with as this was a full scale production part. So, they asked WS Hampshire to recommend material options. The challenge- we could not increase the dimensions of the current insulator configuration, including the core polyester film – but needed to eliminate the “hot spot” heat transmission.

    Collaborative discussions ensued globally and resulted in the identification of a polyimide tape that would do the job and allow the existing part no modification. However, the tape was only needed in one area and was quite expensive in itself to apply to the complete insulator width.

    Since WS Hampshire builds most rotary die fixturing and value added machinery in house, it was a snap to design an in line lamination step! Simply apply the tape to the slit coil and run it through the same line and using the same tooling for the finished part! Easy to say, but very difficult to do. Nevertheless, our expert tooling and manufacturing personnel were able to put this process in place in a period of 2-3 weeks and begin production of the new part, allowing quick implementation into the customer’s production line.

    Oh, by the way… The insulator already is pre scored and creased to allow for easier assembly at the customer’s location. Using the same precision tooling and adding the tape layer results in the same end result – an easy to fold part that quickly installs as a can liner.

    To learn more about this project or how our material expertise and precision fabrication services can benefit your next project, contact us today.

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