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    W.S. Hampshire, Inc. has decades of experience not just as a supplier of flexible films, but also as a leading provider of rotary die cutting and slitting services that provide our customers with the exact products needed for their production line. We manufactured the custom flexible insulation products pictured here for use in electronic devices.

    Utilizing DMD 100 electrical insulation paper roll, chosen for its high temperature endurance and long term durability, we cut 1.77″ wide insulators in lengths from 2.25″ to 10.86″. We also supplied 20″ diameter rolls of 0.709″ thick high-integrity NomexMylar insulation. The advanced controls on our slitting machinery and rotary presses enabled us to rapidly and repeatably produce a high volume of die cut parts and slit rolls, all accurate to within ± 0.005″ tolerances.

    This combination of products provides a high quality shielding solution, and they were manufactured with the precise dimensions to match the geometries of the stator slot. To learn more about this project, or how our flexible film fabrication services can benefit your next application, contact us today.

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