Invented by the team at NASA, aeroponics is the future of indoor growing.  Increased yields and massive reductions in water consumption make this method appealing to cultivators interested in high levels of control, efficiency, and sustainability.

We produce aeroponic grow boxes made from a highly specialized thermoplastic that reflects light back to the plants and does not allow for light to penetrate to the root zone.  The elimination of light inside the box means no algae growth, so your roots are clean and healthy with reduced chemical demand.  Additionally, no algae growth means easier, faster cleanouts in between harvests.

The boxes are 8′ long x 44″ wide x 8″ tall and designed to accommodate different lid configurations (clone, veg, bud) depending on plant stage.  Multiple boxes can be strung together to be run by a single pump and water reservoir and we can supply with or without PVC plumbing and trellis/lighting support.

Additionally, we are a custom fabricator and can work with your team to build a custom system that best fits your particular grow.


Additional Products for Cultivators

Vacuum & Thermal Molding

  • High Impact Strength Thermoplastic
  • Growing trays for greenhouse and indoor grow rooms with applications including flood benches, sub-irrigation, and re-circulation systems.
  • Tray sizes range from 24” x 48” to 78” x 48”
  • 15+ years of molding expertise for greenhouse and indoor growing applications

Composite Fiberglass

  • Grating & Structural Shapes
  • Insulation for wet environments
  • Non Corrosive Structural Components
  • CNC Machining, Milling, Routing, Sawing, Drilling
  • Fabricated Parts

Plastic Fabrication


WS Hampshire Provides Custom Fabricated Services Including CNC Milling & Machining, Die Cutting & Thermal Forming, Rigid CNC Machining Services, Flexible Fabrication Services, and Plastic Thermoforming Services.

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