WS Hampshire, Inc. has more than 100 years of non-metallic fabrication expertise. Our professional team can design a customized aeroponic grow system of any size to meet your specific cannabis growing needs.

Aeroponic growing allows for massive reductions in water consumption and chemical demand while providing increased yields and high levels of grower control. WS Hampshire uses a highly specialized thermoplastic to manufacture aeroponic grow boxes that are 8′ long x 44″ wide, and multiple boxes can be strung together to utilize a single water reservoir and pump system. Each box accommodates different lid configurations based on the plant’s stages of growth.

The white material that we use reflects all lighting back to the plants without penetrating the root zone. Without the presence of light in the root zone,  algae growth is eliminated, leading to reduced risks of damaging pests or pathogens. The end results are clean, healthy roots and easy post-harvest cleanouts.

Aeroponics is beneficial to cannabis cultivators seeking high levels of efficiency and control. The eco-friendly solution provides a sustainable growing system with reduced costs, increased yields, and improved customer satisfaction.

Aeroponic Cannabis Grow Boxes

What Are Aeroponic Grow Systems?

Aeroponic Cannabis Grow System

Aeroponic growing has been around for several decades and gained momentum in the 1990’s when it was used by NASA to grow plants in the International Space Station.  An aeroponic grow system does not require soil and water consumption is reduced by 90% or more. Plants thrive while suspended in an enclosed environment as they are fully exposed to oxygen and do not need to search or compete for resources. Nutrient rich water is sprayed directly on to the roots and is easily absorbed while requiring minimal energy output.

Plants sit in net pots that contain porous, kiln-dried clay pebbles for proper aeration of the plant’s root system. The pebbles also help the plant stay upright as it grows. The roots grow out of the bottom of the pot and sit inside a closed grow table. A high-pressure pump delivers the necessary nutrients directly to the roots.

Commercial cannabis growers often use an aeroponic grow system to produce a larger, more frequent, and more productive harvest.

Benefits of Aeroponic Grow Systems

Eliminating soil use offers several distinct advantages:

Faster Growth Potential
One of the primary benefits of aeroponics is that plants grow up to three times faster when compared to soil-based growth mediums. Since the plant does not have to fight with the soil for nutrients and oxygen, a more consistent yield is possible.

Enhanced Smoking Experience
Aeroponics allows for a more consistent smoking experience. There are no residual nutrients in the roots after the final rinse cycle, resulting in a pure strain of cannabis. The strain-specific terp profiles define the bud and not the residual nutrients commonly found in soil. Root rot is also non-existent, allowing for cleaner and more enjoyable smoking. Customers appreciate the consistency and reliability of the strain’s definable properties.

Requires Less Space
Aeroponic grow systems utilize vertical grow racks that do not require as much space as traditional agricultural or hydroponic growing methods. A vertical gardening system arranges plants closely together, often stacking them on top of one another. The movable pots offer greater mobility, allowing growers to maximize the confines of limited space, resulting in increased plant production.

Growth Cycle
Since the plants do not require a growing medium, they only need a two- to four-week time span for the roots to adequately grow inside the netted pot. When the cannabis plant reaches the flowering stage, a pure flush results in a clean product. The roots are continually exposed to oxygen and nutrients, resulting in fast and bountiful growth. The enclosed environment and lack of growing medium create a pest-free growing experience and lower the risk of damaging pathogens that can prove harmful to cannabis plants.

Environmentally Friendly
Aeroponic grow systems are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to soil-based growing methods. Not only does the system require less maintenance, but it uses 95% less water than traditional planting. Eliminating soil reduces the waste of nutrients and water consumption. Cannabis plants grown in an aeroponic system require fewer nutritional compounds and minimal water resources for optimal growth.

Is an Aeroponic Growing System Right For You?

Aeroponic Cannabis Grow System
This modern cultivation system requires round-the-clock care for optimal growth performance. Upkeep can prove more intense than traditional agricultural farming methods but is easily manageable without any prior experience.

The benefits of an aeroponic grow system far outweigh any drawbacks and can result in healthier, larger plants in a shorter time. It is a growing method worth considering if you are looking to add extra harvests to your existing cannabis grow schedule.

Aeroponic Cannabis Grow Boxes with WS Hampshire, Inc.

Cannabis cultivators consider aeroponics to be the future of indoor growing due to higher yields, the massive reduction in water consumption, and high level of grower control.  Using the proper aeroponic grow boxes is essential when building a new system.

WS Hampshire, Inc. uses only the finest materials when manufacturing aeroponic grow boxes. The material used is similar to other white products that allow light to reflect effectively onto the plant. The specialized thermoplastic does not allow light to penetrate the roots, as is common in black materials.

Aeroponic grow boxes are a viable alternative to soil, coco, or rockwool and provide a significant number of benefits:

  • Reduced Algae Growth
  • Eliminate Risk of Pests and Pathogens
  • Less Chemical Demand
  • Easy and Faster Cleanouts In Between Harvests
  • Reduced labor as there is no media to bring in/out

WS Hampshire, Inc. can provide your business with PVC plumbing, trellis, and lighting support for a customized approach to your aeroponic grow system.

Whether your plants are in the clone, veg, or bud growth stage, we can supply the materials needed for a productive and profitable system. Our custom fabricator experts will work with your team to create an aeroponic grow system that best fits your specific growing needs.

Additional Products for Cultivators

Aeroponic Cannabis Grow System
WS Hampshire, Inc. also provides additional aeroponic grow system products that can prove beneficial to cannabis cultivators.

With more than 15 years of molding expertise, our vacuum and thermal molding skills allow us to create a thermoplastic that enhances sub-irrigation and re-circulation systems. The high-impact material is effective in applications such as food benches and growing trays for either greenhouse or indoor grow rooms.

While our standard-sized grow trays are 8′ long x 44″ wide, WS Hampshire, Inc. can offer customized trays to meet your business needs. Variable tray sizes range from 14″ x 48″ to 78″ x 48″.

Our design team can also create grating and structural shapes using composite fiberglass. The material provides valuable protection and insulation in wet environments and has noncorrosive structural components.

Additionally, WS Hampshire, Inc. offers CNC machining, milling, sawing, routing, and drilling services for all fabricated parts. Our plastic fabrication services utilize both thermoplastic and composite materials, allowing us to create work surfaces, dividers, shelving, and wall panels.

Rely on WS Hampshire for Your Custom Fabrication Needs

An aeroponic grow system can consistently provide larger cannabis plants with the potential to add extra harvests to your current grow schedule.

Contact WS Hampshire, Inc. to discuss your particular business needs and receive a quote for developing a customized aeroponic grow system.

We can help you build a system that will create healthy cannabis plants capable of growing up to three times faster than soil-based mediums. Taking a more sustainable approach to cannabis growing offers many benefits to the grower, the consumer, and the environment.

WS Hampshire, Inc. can help bring your business into the exciting future of cannabis growing methods.