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    Customers around the globe recognize WS Hampshire as an industry leading manufacturer of precision CNC machined parts made from thermoset phenolic materials. We produced the thrust collar shown here for a customer in the aluminum industry utilizing our Ryertex S/T material, a grade that exhibits excellent wear and abrasion resistance and outstanding compressive strength.

    Capabilities include high speed, heavy load applications with high coefficient of friction along with high temperatures upto 400C.

    With our HAAS VF3 SSYT CNC machine, we have the capability to machine large, complex components with a high degree of precision. After saw cutting the block of raw material, we milled the curves, angles, and contours of this thrust collar, which featured overall dimensions of 16.140″ in length, 5.870″ in width, and 2.040″ in thickness, to within precision ± 0.005″ tolerances. We conducted both visual and dimensional inspections to verify that the customer specifications were met to ensure the collars would stand up to the rigorous conditions found in an aluminum manufacturing environment.

    We manufactured a total of 16 of these components. To learn more about this project or how our precision CNC machining services can benefit your next project, contact us today.