Industrial applications often rely on nylon because of its high strength and adaptability. One type of nylon that stands out for its unique properties is Cast Nylon 6. This material is well-known for reducing maintenance needs and improving efficiency in industrial equipment. Since WS Hampshire acquired Timco in 2017, we’ve proudly offered high-quality engineered thermoplastics, including Cast Nylon 6, to customers across a range of industries. Learn more about Cast Nylon 6 and its many beneficial properties below.

About Cast Nylon 6

Cast Nylon 6 offers a unique blend of stiffness, strength, and resistance to wear, making it an ideal choice for various demanding applications. It shares many of the same properties as UHMW, including high chemical resistance and FDA compliance but with better impact resistance and a lower coefficient of friction. These characteristics make Cast Nylon 6 well-suited for a wide range of applications, particularly as sheaves and wear pads in heavy equipment, material handling, and food processing. 

Benefits of Cast Nylon 6

The versatility and durability of Cast Nylon 6 translates into significant benefits for numerous industries. These benefits include:

  • Ideal for harsh environments. Cast Nylon 6 can withstand a range of harsh conditions while providing weight reduction and higher lifting capacity. This makes it particularly suitable for marine applications, such as sheaves and shipboard cranes.
  • Lightweight. Cast Nylon 6 is considerably lighter than bronze and numerous other materials while limiting corrosion issues and eliminating lubrication dependency. 
  • Wear resistance and sound dampening properties. Cast Nylon 6’s sound dampening characteristics and good wear resistance lead to enhanced part longevity and reduced costs for both equipment manufacturers and end users.

Machining Cast Nylon 6

Cast Nylon 6 can be machined with a high level of precision and customization. This allows us to create tailored components that meet your specific application requirements. For example, Cast Nylon 6 can be used to machine wear pads. Wear pads made from Cast Nylon 6 exemplify the material’s ability to improve sliding properties and protect surfaces in industrial settings.

Cast Nylon 6 wear pads are commonly used in aluminum and steel mills, aerial work platforms, and cranes, offering superior strength, wear resistance, and noise reduction capabilities. At WS Hampshire, we can machine Cast Nylon 6 wear pads in any size, with or without mounting inserts. Regardless of your needs, can deliver machined Cast Nylon 6 solutions to enhance the performance, safety, and efficiency of your application.

Cast Nylon 6 Machining Services by WS Hampshire, Inc.

Need nylon or other thermoplastic material solutions for your application? At WS Hampshire, Inc., we specialize in nylon fabrication, offering expert machining services compatible with Cast Nylon 6. Depending on your unique application needs, we can provide everything from custom part fabrication to high-volume production runs.

With every project, we aim to provide our customers with top-quality products that ensure complete satisfaction. For more information about our nylon machining capabilities, or to get started on your custom solution, contact us today.

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