Chemical Process Industry

Chemical processing involves environments that are high temperature, high pressure,  and corrosive.  Timco Technical Plastics are increasingly being used as seals, check valves, valve bodies, spacers, scraper blades, gears, bushings, bearings, wear plates, wear pads, gaskets and labyrinth seals on chemical process equipment and pumps. With the appropriate material selection, these parts can withstand the most severe chemical agents, and provide longer part life and reduced system downtime.


Chromatography (HPLC)

Manufacturers of chromatography systems are replacing stainless steel with high performance fabricated parts made of PEEK or PTFE. The highly demanding application conditions require a material that has inertness and biocompatibility, that can also withstand temperatures of 175°F, and be resistant to solvents and high pressures. Engineering plastic parts currently machined for this industry include: Pump heads, valve stator and rotor bearings, columns and end fittings, cartridges and flow cell bodies.


Medical Equipment

Medical components must be manufactured from durable and impact resistance materials. They must endure heavy usage and rough handling. Cleaning must be easy and parts cannot absorb moisture as often tight tolerances must be held. Timco supplies parts fabricated from plastics such as nylon, acetal, PET, UHMW-PE and high performance materials with autoclavability like PEI. Timco supplies both wear and structural parts to the medical industry including bearings, bushings. Wear plates, slide pads, doors, housings, handles, fastening nuts, and platens.


Stage Equipment

Stage equipment utilizes two of the most important qualities of plastic materials: reduced weight and reduced vibration. Timco supplies pulleys and sheaves of all sizes, including head blocks.