Applications on Mining Equipment

Mining equipment is exposed to extreme weather conditions including the heat of the desert, cold of the arctic and wet conditions found in tropical climates. Timco Technical Plastic components are ideal for use on mining equipment as parts can be quickly and accurately machined to fit a specific need, and the equipment manufacturer and user can be assured long part life. Use of lubricants in dusty environments should be avoided as an abrasive mix of oil and dirt can damage parts, and because many of our plastic components are self-lubricating, part wear, mating part wear, overall equipment maintenance requirements and mining equipment downtime are all reduced. We have  decades of experience designing and manufacturing wear and structural plastic parts for mining equipment. Our sales engineers will work with you to uncover all the design and load requirements of your part and will help you to select the correct material to assure your parts will function in your mining application.


Our Parts Offer:

  • Ability to Run Unlubricated
  • Light Weight for Easy Handling and Installation
  • Higher Wear Performance – Longer Part Life
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs for Equipment
  • Reduced Equipment Downtime
  • Lower Cost in Use
  • Reduced Noise
  • Elimination of Corrosion
  • Reduced Wear on Mating Parts
  • Fast Turnaround Time


Parts Timco Supplies: