Materials Expertise

Why non-metallics? Are you looking to replace materials such as Brass, Bronze, Babbitt, Steel? Or maybe you have an existing “plastic” part that is giving you problems?

Proper material selection is absolutely essential in the reliable performance your bearings, bushings, and related components.  Many parts that are in service today were either designed in a time when composites were not available or by a team that is not aware of the performance capabilities of plastic and composites.

Selection of an appropriate Timco Technical Thermoplastic or Ryertex fiber bearing grade requires considering not only material properties, but also application factors such as lubrication, impact, loading and time between maintenance opportunities.

With these factors in mind, our team of experts can advise on the proper composite material to replace your bronze, steel, or plastic components that will help reduce your operating cost and downtime.

Material Options

With our expertise comes an open mind to provide the best non-metallic solution. There are 2 key categories of materials based on the resin formulation. WS Hampshire has deep expertise in both categories.


Thermoset resin components are chemically cross linked to form an irreversible bond. Once cured, is does not change or go backward. Commonly known thermoset materials include Ryertex Composites.


Thermoplastic resin components are NOT chemically cross linked, allowing movement. and can be reformed or reshaped. Commonly known thermoplastics names or brands include Nylon, Delrin®, and PEEK

WS Hampshire combines world class materials and fabrication expertise to provide your solution. As a value added partner, you gain much more than a job shop that will just quote to a print.

Our customers trust us. You will get ideas, recommendations, and suggestions based on over 100 years’ worth of non-metallic knowledge.

Fabrication Expertise

With our focus on non-metallic material fabrication, our capabilities are highly specialized. This ranges from the actual machinery that we have invested in such as industry specific saws and routers optimized for plastics materials.

Even our air filtration and exhaust systems are customized around the materials that are processed. Machine speeds, feeds, rates, and tooling have also been optimized which result in the most cost effective product production.

Fabrication Expertise

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