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    What's the difference between a bearing & bushing?

    In general, there is not a lot of difference as both bearings and bushings help to reduce the friction generated between two parts- one of which is typically a spinning, rotating, or sliding shaft. In modern designs, ‘bearing’ typically refers to multi-component assemblies with rolling elements and an inner and outer race.  Many applications that we serve are found in older equipment that was originally designed with bronze bearings and need new solutions in order to meets todays production and reliability standards.

    Our bearings and bushings- whether Ryertex Fiber Bearings or Timco Technical Thermoplastics- are generally classified as plain or sleeve bearings and provide low friction solutions in applications with high temperatures, high load and high impact, or in applications where metal bearings fail.

    No matter what name use, composite materials offer design engineers virtually limitless opportunities to apply ‘the best material for the application’ as parts can be light weight, low maintenance, self lubricating and corrosion resistant… all while not exposing mating components to wear.


    Material Expertise

    Proper material selection is absolutely essential in the reliable performance your bearings, bushings, and related components.  Many parts that are in service today were either designed in a time when composites were not available or by a team that is not aware of the performance capabilities of plastic and composites.

    Selection of an appropriate plastic bearings or bushings requires considering not only material properties, but also application factors such as lubrication, impact, loading and time between maintenance opportunities.

    With these factors in mind, our team of experts can advise on the proper composite material to replace your bronze, steel, or plastic components that will help reduce your operating cost and downtime.


    Ryertex Composites are often used as metal replacement and commonly seen used as fiber bearings in steel, paper and lumber mills or rudder bearings in marine applications.


    Timco Technical Thermoplastics such as Nylon, Acetal, and PEEK are commonly used in all types of applications where low friction and lightweight parts are critical.



    Fabrication Expertise

    With our focus on non-metallic material fabrication, our capabilities are highly specialized. This ranges from the actual machinery that we have invested in such as industry specific saws and routers optimized for plastics materials.

    Even our air filtration and exhaust systems are customized around the materials that are processed. Machine speeds, feeds, rates, and tooling have also been optimized which result in the most cost effective product production.

    Fabrication Expertise

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