WS Hampshire is pleased to supply North American contractors and construction companies with a new and innovative asphalt anchor bolt system. Our Timcoloc™ anchors offer a wide variety of functional uses including anchoring steel protection barriers, noise barriers, turnstiles, or for securing a steel plate that covers holes in the street while construction work is in progress.

They can also be used to easily stake tents or to install bannisters or railings in asphalt. There are many advantages to using Timcoloc™ fasteners, including easy installation as well as flexibility to remove after usage is complete. Installation time saving of more than 50% has been documented when using this bolt anchoring system versus other anchoring systems.

Timcoloc™ anchor bolts are made of carbon steel with a surface treatment of zinc aluminum flake that imparts higher corrosion resistance than hot dipped galvanized bolts. There are three sizes of Timcoloc anchor bolts available (16mm x 100mm; 22mm x 100mm; and 22mm x 155mm). Selection of the bolt size needed is determined by the size and weight demands of item being fastened.


We are capable of fabricating nylon road transition collar plates or washers for the top of Timcoloc™ anchor bolts. Nylon creates an ideal smooth and durable surface for these heavy duty industrial applications.

Timcoloc Asphalt Anchors

Timcoloc Asphalt Anchors

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