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    Customers in many industries have come to rely on WS Hampshire, Inc. for the production of high quality custom thermoset phenolic components for severe duty applications. We specialize in projects with low volume requirements, making us a preferred supplier to the foundry industry.

    Capabilities include high speed, heavy load applications with high coefficient of friction along with high temperatures upto 400C.

    We manufactured the top and bottom pinion pictured below from Ryertex S/T (super tough) to withstand the molten conditions of a foundry environment. Working with the customer drawing, we precision turned many of the features on our cutting edge equipment. The fine details of the drilling and tapping were executed to within near of + 0.003″/- 0.000″. Featuring overall dimensions of 17″ in length, 15-⅞” in width, and 3-¾” in height, these components underwent stringent quality inspections to ensure their dimensional integrity.

    These high performance products were built to provide many years of service without deforming or degrading. If you are interested in learning more about this project or any of our diverse range of services, contact us today.