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    WS Hampshire, Inc. is an industry-leading supplier of custom fabrication services and non-metallic materials such as composites and thermoplastics. From our 135,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Illinois, we stock and process a myriad of plastic materials for various commercial and industrial applications. WS Hampshire has the machining capabilities as a full-service fabricator to produce high-quality, innovative components in virtually any size, shape, or quantity for clients in diverse industries.


    Steel & Aluminum Rolling Mills

    Rolling mills for steel and aluminum commonly use Timco Technical and Ryertex Plastics as an alternative to brass, bronze, steel, and related materials. Components using these versatile plastics are durable and long-lasting, making them optimal for applications in which water, lubrication, temperature, and weight are a concern.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Bearings for Zero Section Casting Rolls & Charge
    • Block for Pin
    • Carts & Mill Stands
    • Chock Liners
    • Drive Coupling Blocks & Inserts
    • Drive Dogs
    • Fiber & Caster Bearings
    • Filler Plates for Uncoiling/Recoiling Mandrels
    • P&N Roller Bearings
    • Spindle Slippers
    • Stripper Tips & Wiper Blades
    • Table & Accumulator Roll Bodies & Roll Assemblies
    • Tapered Sleeves
    • Thrust Collars
    • Water-Cooled Bearings for Mill Stands

    Construction Equipment

    Heavy-duty equipment on modern construction sites requires quality plastic sheaves, hose guides, and wear pads for optimal operation in aerial work platforms, cranes, concrete pumpers, and more. WS Hampshire provides durable, high-performance components with a high strength-to-weight ratio, and these products generate minimal wear on mating parts.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Bearing Shells for the Rotating Boom Base
    • Cable Guides
    • Concrete Polishing Discs
    • Guide Pads for Extension Cylinders
    • Hose Clamps
    • Hose Guide Sheaves
    • Insulation Bushings
    • Outrigger Float Pads
    • Outrigger Pads or Cribbing Plates
    • Rollers & Wheels
    • Scraper Blades
    • Sheaves & Pulleys
    • Slide Pads for Telescopic Booms

    Material Handling Equipment

    Thermoplastic is an optimal material solution for wear and structural components in this industry, making durable guides, rollers, slides, and wheels for factory and warehouse settings. These material handling components can withstand harsh conditions, operating successfully with or without lubrication. They also resist wear on mating parts, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Bearings & Bushings
    • Bumpers
    • Cams & Spacers
    • Gears & Sprockets
    • Guide Rolls
    • Guides, Guide Blocks, & Chain Guides
    • Hose Clamps & Guide Sheaves
    • Hydraulic Hose Sheaves for Forklifts
    • Manifolds
    • Other Mechanical Wear Parts
    • Rollers & Wheels
    • Slides & Slider Pads
    • Wear Plates
    • Wire Rope Sheaves & Sheave Assemblies

    Utility Hoists & Vehicles

    Thermoplastic components boost performance and lengthen the lifespan of utility equipment for installing or fixing cables for communication and electric services. For cherry pickers, digger derricks, and other utility vehicles as well as stringing equipment, we offer a wide range of products to reduce ground pressure, wear, and weight. We can also provide fabricated parts in static dissipative materials.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Bushings & Shoulder Bearings
    • Cable Guides
    • Cable Rollers
    • Guide Blocks
    • Hose Clamps
    • Outrigger Pads
    • Pad in the Broom Cradle
    • Sheaves
    • Slide Pads

    Pulp, Paper, & Lumber Processing

    Components we fabricate with Timco Technical Plastics and Ryertex materials withstand the wet, harsh environments found in pulp, paper, and lumber mills. They resist abrasion and chemicals, as well. Products for this industry offer the reliability and toughness necessary for processing equipment, cutting down on unplanned shutdowns and profit losses.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Bearings & Bushings
    • Carry-Over Wheels
    • Chain Guides
    • Chip Screens
    • Cleaner Cones
    • Conveyor Lines
    • Electrical Components
    • Flights
    • Gaskets/Seals
    • Gears/Sprockets
    • Lantern Rings
    • O-Ring Retainers
    • Roll Coverings
    • Rollers & Wheels
    • Safety Enclosures
    • Saw Guides
    • Scraper Blades
    • Slider Pads
    • Sorter Hooks
    • Suction Box Covers
    • Wear Plates
    • Wire Rope Sheaves & Sheave Assemblies


    FDA-compliant Timco Technical Plastic is a popular material for our fabricated components in food processing and packaging equipment, especially those which must perform well in long, high-speed and -temperature production runs. Our products for this industry are easy to sterilize and clean, which is a great benefit for direct-food-contact applications.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Bearings & Bushings
    • Bumpers
    • Cams & Cam Followers
    • Capping & Discharge Pistons
    • Chain Guides
    • Corner Disks
    • Cup Rings & Nests
    • Dispensing Nozzles
    • FDA-Compliant Plastic Parts
    • Feed Screws
    • Gears & Sprockets
    • Guides & Guide Blocks
    • Hinge Pins
    • Manifolds
    • Mechanical Wear Parts
    • Molds/Dies for Food Presses
    • Plough Blades
    • Plungers
    • Rollers, Wheels, & Roll Bodies
    • Sealing Platens
    • Slider Pads
    • Star Wheels
    • Tension Rods
    • Vacuum Shoes
    • Valves in Liquid Filling & Filler Tubes
    • Wear Strips & Plates

    Oil & Gas Processing

    WS Hampshire is the premier fabricator of Timco Technical Plastic parts for the oil and gas processing sector, supplying manufacturers of exploration equipment with high-quality parts for rugged on- and off-shore applications. Our wear and structural components offer a variety of benefits, including chemical and saltwater resistance as well as reduced costs and equipment downtime.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Bearings & Bushings
    • Hot Stab Plug for Well Heads
    • Manifolds
    • Seals, Connectors, & Insulators in Down-Hole Equipment
    • Other Pump Components
    • Pipe Centralizers
    • Thread Protectors
    • V-rollers
    • Valve Seats
    • Wear Plates & Slide Pads
    • Wear Rings
    • Wire Rope Sheaves


    Timco Technical Plastics are an optimal material solution for wear and structural parts in forestry equipment. Our components for this industry offer strength and durability to their applications, specifically designed to withstand corrosion from varying environmental conditions. We can work with you to design forestry components tailored to your application and load requirements.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Bearings & Bushings
    • Cribbing Plates or Outrigger Mats
    • Guide Blocks
    • Guide Sheaves
    • Hose Clamps
    • Outrigger Float Pads
    • Rollers & Wheels
    • Slider Pads
    • Wear Plates
    • Wire Rope Sheaves

    Wire & Cable

    We supply a wide range of wear and structural components in thermoplastic and composite materials to the wire and cable industry. WS Hampshire parts are lightweight for easy rotation without risking damage or increasing wire tension and friction. Our sheaves and related products are ideal for fiberoptic cable and wire manufacturers.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Bearings & Bushings
    • Canvas Rods
    • Capstans
    • Drawing Cones
    • Drawing Rings
    • Eyelet, Hook, Traverse, & Snail Guides
    • Guide Wheels & Rollers
    • Trunnion Rollers for Stranding Machines
    • Wire Sheaves


    Equipment for mining applications must withstand moisture and harsh environmental conditions ranging from arctic cold to desert heat. Resilient and static-dissipative plastic components are well-suited to this industry, with the self-lubricating feature making them ideal for dusty and sandy situations. WS Hampshire parts also have a long lifespan, which is particularly helpful for mining operations in remote locations.

    Parts WS Hampshire Supplies

    • Body Pivot Bushings
    • Dust Seals
    • Guide Blocks
    • Guide Pads for Extension Cylinders
    • Hose Clamps & Guides
    • Nose Cone Bearing
    • Other Bearings & Bushings
    • Rollers & Wheels
    • Scraper Blades
    • Sheaves & Pulleys
    • Wear Plates & Slide Pads


    Composite materials meet the needs of a wide variety of applications because of their varied benefits, making them applicable for industries such as:

    • Aerospace
    • Appliance/Business
    • Chemical Processing
    • Custom Engineering Firms
    • Stage Equipment


    WS Hampshire materials offer many advantages, including:

    Capacity to Operate Without Lubrication
    Elimination of Corrosion
    Extended Part Life
    Less Downtime
    Less Wear on Mating Parts
    Lightweight Design for Safe Handling & Installation
    Lower Operating and Maintenance Costs
    Noise Reduction
    Quick Turnaround Times
    Vibration Dampening


    With the original company dating back to the 1890s, WS Hampshire has an extensive background in custom fabrication, with capabilities including CNC machining, stamping, punching, vacuum forming, assembly, and more. We make a wide range of quality components in small and large production runs utilizing high-performance composite materials.

    Contact us to learn more about how WS Hampshire and composites can support applications in your industry, or request a quote today to start your project.