WS Hampshire is a full-service, custom fabricator of non-metallic materials including Ryertex Composites and Timco Technical Thermoplastics which are used in a variety of industrial applications including bearings, bushings, sheaves, and wear pads. Other materials that we regularly fabricate include thermal insulating boards, structural fiberglass, electrical insulation.

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Custom Solutions

Much of what we do is in metal replacement with composites that are better suited for their environment, leading to reductions in operating expenses and downtime. In other cases, our global reach on raw materials, our custom fabrication capabilities, and the willingness to build custom stocking programs are an ideal fit for world class OEMs who need a partner to deliver high quality composite components. Let us know what you're working on today.


We produce high quality, innovative, OEM approved bearings, bushings, sheaves, wear pads and structural or insulating components. Our shop is structured to manage large production runs supported by customized supply chain programs as well as small volume, made-to-order projects within a job shop environment. Our fabricated components are supplied to the Capital Equipment OEM, Electrical, Heavy Equipment/Vehicle, Primary Metals, Pulp & Paper, and MRO marketplaces.

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You may not often see our parts, but they can be found in almost every aspect of modern life. From lighting insulation to parts in MRI or food processing machines to components in construction cranes, locomotives and equipment used in the production of steel, aluminum, paper, and lumber.

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Customer Successes

Plastics and composites are often used to replace metal in applications where weight, lubrication, or wear to mating components is a concern. Here are just a few examples where we helped reduce cost and downtime, or improved safety and efficiency.

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