Applications in Pulp & Paper Processing

Once logs reach the pulp and paper processing mill, more applications for Timco Technical Plastics abound! Both wear and structural parts made of plastic resist the wet environment and provide long part life. Chemical resistance and toughness are necessary for all parts found on pulp and paper processing equipment. We have decades of experience designing and manufacturing parts for pulp and paper processing equipment and our team will work with you to uncover all of the design and load requirements of your parts and assist you with material selection. 

In older mills, Ryertex has been used to replace bronze bearings in dryer cans and felt rolls.  Self-lubricating grades have proven to add a measure of reliability in bearing applications where lubrication is frequently lost and can save thousands of dollars in unplanned shutdowns.  No longer will you receive that 3am emergency phone call as proven in this high level trial.  


Our Parts Offer:

  • Low Water Absorption
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance
  • Long Part Life
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs for Equipment
  • Lower Cost in Use
  • Ability to Run Unlubricated
  • Reduced Noise
  • Reduced Wear on Mating Parts
  • Fast Turnaround Time


Parts Timco Supplies: