Engineering plastics, due to their chemical structure, are significantly more affected by environmental conditions than metals.

Specifically, wide temperature variations can cause dimensional changes due to higher coefficient of thermal expansion and by the relaxation of any residual stress in the material.

Additionally, with nylon-based materials, moisture absorption, especially in high humidity conditions combined with elevated temperatures, will result in noticeable dimensional growth. Over time, these conditions may affect how these parts fit in their assemblies. In the case of sheaves and related products, these conditions can affect bushing or bearing retention in the bore.

Most of these changes are reversible by placing the parts in question into a dry, temperature-controlled location for a minimum of 72 hours. The parts should then be re-checked for dimensions before making a final determination.

For long term (30 days or longer) storage, we therefore recommend storing these parts flat, in sealed boxes, in a stable environment (~75˚F at 50% humidity) which will minimize any dimensional changes and allow for best installation and performance in service.

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