Bearings & Bushings

Bearing & Bushing Parts
Bearing & Bushing Parts

Bearings or bushings are used to allow constrained rotation or linear motion between two or more parts. Reducing friction in bearings is important for operational efficiency. Reduced friction leads to less wear on parts and permits higher running speeds without overheating or the premature failure of the bearing.

Timco offers many bearing and bushing material options and a broad manufacturing size capability. Our engineers will be happy to review your application conditions and recommend the optimum material for your application.

Popular wear pad materials supplied by Timco include:

Cast Nylon 6
Standard, heat stabilized, MoS2 filled, oil-filled, internally lubricated, FDA compliant and premium wear grades available for a broad variety of wear pad applications.
For lower load requirements and lower cost option.
When chemical/water resistance is required.
For higher load requirements and it performs well when paired with aluminum.
For high loads and higher temperature.

Timco also can supply high performance engineering plastics like PEEK for applications in harsh chemical or heat environments.

Benefits of using Timco wear pads

Extend Wear Pad Life

Excellent wear resistance and low coefficient of friction make Timco parts last longer.

Reduce System Maintenance Requirements

Many wear or slider pad material options from Timco are self-lubricating or oil-filled, reducing or eliminating the need for external lubricaiton. Timco wear pads also reduce wear on mating surfaces and other system parts leading to additional cost savings.

Improved Efficiency and Safety

Timco's lightweight components increase operational efficiency and reduce noise and vibration. They are also safely and easily handled.