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What is Aeroponics?

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Aeroponics is a technique used for indoor cultivation in a controlled environment.  There is no growing media like soil or coco and the water tanks so well known in hydroponics are eliminated.  In aeroponics, plant roots are suspended in air and fed directly by a nutrient rich water mist.  Because there is no media, plants do not expel energy searching for oxygen and nutrients, which means that grow faster and with higher yields than in other methods.  The use of mister systems allows for reduction in water consumption of up to 95%.

Aeroponics was greatly advanced by NASA in the 19990’s for growing in space and is now extremely common for growing vegetables in urban environments.  The technique has long been used in the Clone stage of cannabis cultivation and is now becoming commonplace through the Veg and Flower stages.  High levels of grower control, the ability to grow vertically, and massive reductions in water consumption make aeroponics highly favorable.

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