Wheels & Rollers

Wheel & Roller Guidance Support
Wheel & Roller Guidance Support

Wheels and rollers are used to provide rolling guidance and support

Thermoplastics fill the void between conventional wheel materials and the elastomeric rubber materials. In comparison with metallic wheel materials, plastics have a lower modulus of elasticity. Deformation under load is therefore greater than with steel wheels. This forms a larger contact area which results in a lower specific surface pressure. The specific surface pressure for steel wheels is 13 times greater than for nylon wheels under equal conditions and with equal dimensions.

Because of the good elastic properties standard cast nylon, the plastic wheel returns quickly to its original shape. Our engineers will be happy to review your application conditions and recommend the optimum material for your application. Wheels and rollers can be produced from 1/2" to 64" outside diameter in an unlimited thickness. Typically, plastic wheels are economically produced by machining from bar stock. Smaller dimensions (up to 4") are turned on screw machines. Larger dimensions are turned on CNC lathes or centrifugally cast.

Thermoplastic wheels can also be injection molded. Injection molded wheels generally must be spoked and have only about half the load carrying capacity of solid wheels. Furthermore, injection molded wheels are often out of round, which prevents them from running at speeds higher than 590 feet/minute. Solid wheels with flat sides have a higher resistance to plastic deformation, which reduces heat buildup. This results in higher load capacities, even at wheel speeds up to 1000 feet/minute. Wheel speeds over 1000 feet/minute should be avoided because of heat buildup on the wheel running surface.

Popular wear pad materials supplied by Timco include:

Cast Nylon 6
Standard, heat stabilized, MoS2 filled, oil-filled, internally lubricated, FDA compliant and premium wear grades available for a broad variety of wear pad applications.
Nylon 6/12 with metal core for high load requirements and driven gears.
When chemical/water resistance is required.
Higher hardness and low absorption are required.
For lower load requirements and low water absorption.

Various inserts available in wheels and rollers.

Benefits of using Timco wheels and rollers

  • Wear Resistance
  • Protection of the running surface
  • Motion and Noise Dampening
  • Resistance Against Corrosive Influences
  • Economical Production