Why non-metallics? Are you looking to replace materials such as Brass, Bronze, Babbitt, Steel? Or maybe you have an existing “plastic” part that is giving you problems?

Selection of an appropriate plastic bearing material requires consideration of a number of factors, including criteria such as stress/ strain, impact strength, thermal properties, and dimensional stability.

Key material properties may include: Strength (tensile, compressive, and flexural), hardness, moisture absorption, impact (Izod impact strength), elongation, and flexural modulus.

Heat is important – deflection, continuous operating temperature, coefficient of expansion, flammability, UL rating.

Material Options

With our expertise comes an open mind to provide the best non-metallic solution. There are 2 key categories of materials based on the resin formulation. WS Hampshire has deep expertise in both categories.

  • Thermoset Resin Components are chemically cross linked to form an irreversible bond. Once cured, is does not change or go backward. Commonly known thermoset materials include Ryertex.
  • Thermoplastic Resin Components are NOT chemically cross linked, allowing movement. Can be heated to reform or reshape material. Commonly known thermoplastics names or brands include Nylon, Delrin, and PEEK

Ryertex – High Performance Phenolics

Thermoplastics Expansion