Grow Bench Table Tops for Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Composites for Aerial Tower Work Platforms
Composites for Aerial Tower Work Platforms
Grow Bench Table Tops for Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facility
Grow Bench Table Tops for Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facility

With the early 2015 passage of medical cannabis legislation in the State of Illinois, a new industry has been born. Since the passage, successful licensees for cultivation of medical marijuana (MMJ) have been hard at work establishing brick and mortar facilities and ramping up for initial production.

Utilizing expertise in non–metallic materials, W.S. Hampshire, Inc. has partnered with one of these cultivators to develop a table top which will allow for the plants to successfully mature though their growth stages achieved by an interchangeable modular lid approach. In addition, material selection for the frame (UHMW), plumbing (PVC) and lighting supports (Extren) were made from non–metallic material resulting in significant weight reduction as well as moisture and corrosion resistance. Where needed, joining plates and corner supports were made from stainless steel (non corrosive).

The table tops were designed to fit into existing grow tables, and provided as fully assembled units – complete with plumbing to allow a "turn–key" system that can be dropped into place, connected to the master irrigation supply, and ready for growing.

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Highlights of Grow Bench Table Tops

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Saw cutting
CNC Machining– Milling
Vertical Machining
Component Assembly
Customized Packaging
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Schelling FK8 saw
HAAS GR510 Router
Overall Part Dimensions
Frame 32" x 192" x 7.5"
Lids 31" x 48"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
UHMW for frame, lid, support components
PVC for plumbing
Extren 525 for lighting supports
In process testing/Inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection
Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
Medical Cannabis Cultivation
Standards Met
FDA approved UHMW
Product Name
Grow Bench Table Top

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