Custom Designed Parts

There is no limit to the shapes, sizes, lot sizes, and materials of customer-designed parts which Timco makes. Some of them are simple rings; some are cams with complicated groove designs; some are intricate assemblies for electrical and electronic equipment.

Timco engineering services, especially when the new part is made from a different material than the one it replaces, are the best in the industry. Our combination of experience with part design, high quality materials, and thorough application engineering results in the right product the first time – saving you time and money.


  • Check application conditions on your machine
  • Review your design drawing
  • Recommend component material and the process used to manufacture your part

We manufacture both single pieces, and small lots such as prototypes for injection molded parts, as well as larger runs of hundreds or thousands of the same part, from materials such as Nylon, Acetal, PET, UHMW-PE, Phenolic, PTFE, and PEEK.