It is well established in the metal spinning industry that the use of non-metallic rollers offers several advantages when used with softer metals, including copper, brass, aluminum and some stainless steels.

WS HAMPSHIRE, a company that has been offering non-metallic solutions for industrial needs for over 100 years, is proud to announce our new line of RYERTEX® MR materials for metal forming wheels.

These proprietary materials allow for smoother finishes on spun surfaces than can be achieved with metal rollers. In many cases, the porous formed surface is so smooth that secondary polishing operations can be eliminated!

These are not your standard non-metallic roller materials – these are enhanced versions specifically designed for the metal spinning industry. They can be used on all standard manual and automatic spinning equipment including M&M, Leifeld, AutoSpin, and Denn.

All of these offerings are machinable on standard equipment and can be redressed as needed to extend roller life or change the angle of the roller edge.

This new product line includes:

Standard Grade Material

– RYERTEX® MR-500 – a unique grade of nylon designed to withstand higher loads and longer life than other nylon materials in smaller, manual systems.

High-Performance Material Grades

  • RYERTEX® MR-1000 – Proprietary, fully imidized & stress relieved Polyamide-Imide (PAI) polymer is our base high-performance offering – this custom resin matrix has excellent stability and polishing capability for use where speeds, feeds and the resultant generated heat are within normal parameters
  • RYERTEX® MR-2000 – Proprietary high molecular weight PMDA Polyimide polymer, this unique material is THE best choice where higher temperatures are encountered, where standard PEEK or PAI rollers soften in service – with the added benefit of improved machinability!
  • RYERTEX® MR-3000 – our premium material, this proprietary polymer alloy offers the ultimate in roller life expectancy, as much as 5X that of basic PAI rollers, offering very low cost in use!

High-performance Materials

High-performance Materials